Open source software for SPM data analysis

The open source software Gwyddion is developed in close collaboration with the CEITEC RG Development of Methods for Analysis and Measuring and a large number of participants from other institutions throughout the world. It has become a standard software in the field and is used by thousands of scientists.

Gwyddion implements all data processing and analysis functions commonly used in Scanning Probe Microscopy – and many unusual and experimental ones on top of it, including:

Design and implementation of Gwyddion

Overall Gwyddion screenshot.

Gwyddion was designed as a cross-platform and extensible. It consits of three main parts: libraries providing core data processing routines, GUI elements and utility functions; modules that provide specific data processing and file functions; and a small and simple application itself that primarily serves as a glue connecting everything else together.

Notable features of Gwyddion include:


Data analysis methods in SPM

The development of Gwyddion is naturaly connected to development of data processing methods in SPM. Examples includes methods for the analysis of nanoparticles under non-ideal conditions or statistical characterisation of roughness in irregular rough regions. Quantitative analysis of SPM data should also include uncertainties of the obtained parameters. This requires the characterisation of measurement errors in SPM, both systematic and random, and their propagation through data processing calculations.

Algorithm for evaluation of atomic steps on Si.

For quantitative analysis of data acquired using novel SPM scanning modes, such as fast point spectroscopy and imaging, it is crucial to have available independent data processing methods that can be applied off-line (after acquisition) and consistently to data measured using different instruments. Thanks to the open-source nature of Gwyddion, all algorithms implemented there can be examined and verified at the source code level, which is key for comparablity of results and further progress to standardisation in nanometrology.


SPM instrumentation

Although Gwyddion focuses on the software part, the broader Gwyddion ecosystem includes also novel scanning and hardware projects, led by Petr Klapetek in research group Development of Methods for Analysis and Measuring at CEITEC BUT.